Duct Cleaning

It is said we spend 90% of our time indoors, with a primary portion of that in our own homes. Indoor air quality affects our health, our day-to-day living and Keating, as a member of NADCA, is the only company in the Thunder Bay area that is certified, guaranteeing proper duct cleaning of HVAC systems. Keating is northwestern Ontario’s largest certified duct cleaning specialists, with a fleet of duct cleaning trucks, portable equipment and experienced technicians.
To improve your indoor air quality, Keatings’ service removes dander, dust and chemicals, protects people with respiratory health conditions, autoimmune disorders and allergies. In residential buildings, duct cleaning is recommended post-construction to remove construction debris and dust. As the HVAC system circulates air throughout the home, it is strongly advised to have your home ducting system properly cleaned on a regular basis, providing fresh, clean and healthy air to your home and family.