Court House

In a place where local policies are discussed and important decisions are made daily, Keating was proud to be given the opportunity to make it a safer place to conduct business. Firestop systems and fireproofing in our local courthouse involved ensuring a higher fire-rating for structural members and reducing the spread of hazardous substances such as fire, smoke, gases, or even the penetration of hot and cold from spreading in an uncontrolled manner. Now a beautiful place of business, behind the exterior façade lies a safer place for all the people of Thunder Bay and area.

Pikangikum First Nations Schools Commercial

There is a strong need for schools in our remote First Nation communities. We undertook a turnkey operation, providing pre-fabricated structures to fulfill this need. Our expertise in insulation provided complete stopgap measures, where moisture flow would be eliminated thus preventing the growth of mould. We installed the HVAC system to provide adequate airflow, controlled temperatures, and a healthy environment for both the students, teachers and the structural facility. For enhanced safety, we ensured proper fireproofing measures were executed resulting in a happy and healthy place to learn.